82, yes, 82 #HoCoEvents are listed this weekend alone!

This is a record-breaker for us, and may it portend a trend that will only grow. Eighty-two, yes, 82 #HoCoEvents are listed for this weekend alone.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 4.21.42 PM.pngYou, me, I, we and us* live in a place with a lot going on, though for me it has not always been that easy to find out what’s happening locally. That’s why I’ve put together TotallyHoco.com, an online calendar. There you can find many local events (many of which are free, to boot). Also, I think the calendar helps people have a sense of where they live, which can, I hope, engender even more appreciation for this great community where you, I and us live. You did see the Happiest Places in America results, right?

So, I encourage you to check out the TotallyHoCo calendar this week! From farmers markets, to local theater, to free outdoor bootcamps, to beer tastings and art shows, there is so much happening locally.

silk road stories - columbia festival of the artsTake note, too, of the upcoming Columbia Festival of the Arts’ schedule. There’s new leadership and a new vibe with the festival. So, so much more is happening in the local arts scene in the past couple-few years. This summer’s festival is themed Stories from the Silk Road. There’s some world-class, top-notch talent coming through. For example, check out this promotional video of Mystic India! Get your tickets now!

Weekend in the Woods - Columbia Festival of the ArtsIf simple and easy, free and relaxed is more your style, check out the Howard County Rec and Parks’ FREE Sunset Serenades at Centennial Park. And tune in the Rec-n-Park’s Traveling Bands concerts, too! The FREE Weekend in the Woods event is  another one of the many Columbia Festival of the Arts events you can enjoy.

Looking to get into better shape? There’s a huge free family wellness day this Saturday at Centennial Park. And check out the free boot camp each Saturday morning.

Well, I could go on, but you get the picture …

See you around!

Jessie Newburn

PS — Big thanks to the team at Beth Allen Enterprises, a local accounting and admin support company, for helping out with event approval and communications. Each and every event is manually approved to ensure that it is indeed a #HoCoEvent. Beth is also seeking a 30 hours/week administrative assistant to work during school hours at her local office.

PPS — Here’s how you can help the calendar be even better, if you feel so inclined–

  1. Encourage friends and neighbors to sign up for the TotallyHoco weekly updates.
  2. Follow TotallyHoCo on Twitter.
  3. Post events! It’s free, easy and DIY to post!
  4. Write reviews. Give some love to local venues and groups. Write reviews on FB, Google Places, Yelp and more.
  5. And when you engage on social media, add local hashtags, e.g. #HoCoEvents, #HoCoArts, #HoCoFood, #HoCoFitness … you get the drift.

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