On the surface, HoCoBlogs is a local website that aggregates the blogs of people, organizations and businesses in Howard County, Md. The site was created as a community resource in late 2007 by Robin Abello and Jessie Newburn; and all Howard County bloggers are welcome to list their blogs for free. There is no maintenance or upkeep required of a blogger once their site is added to the HoCoBlogs database. In addition to the website, we organize parties with both local bloggers and corporate sponsors serving as co-hosts. We also offer educational workshops, events and more.

But the bigger picture of HoCoBlogs is a foundational piece in a vibrant ecosystem of bloggers, readers and the full community.

logo_tagCurious? You can visit our site. And we encourage bloggers  to submit their blogs for inclusion.

Follow us on Twitter @HoCoBlogs. We’ll see you online or at our parties.