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Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about our hocoblogs parties.

I hear you have parties. How can I get more information about them?
If you’re a blogger and are listed on hocoblogs, you’ll get an email each time we have an upcoming party. (Make sure to whitelist emails coming from the domain.) For everyone else, simply “like” hocoblogs on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our events on eventbrite, subscribe to our blog (which will then give you email updates on new posts) and/or check the local papers (and Patch) for party announcements.

Who can attend the parties?
Our parties are for bloggers and their readers, which means pretty much anyone can attend.

21045 local parties in columbia maryland howard countyDoes it cost money to attend the parties?
No, for our social events and parties, there isn’t a fee. We do encourage you to buy food and drink to support the venues hosting us and then to tip really well the wait staff. With our corporate and organizational co-hosts, the hosts will often purchase buffet food or plates of hors d’ouvres and/or they might open a bar tab for a set amount of money. Just in case, come prepared to purchase your own drinks and fare.

How do I co-host or sponsor a party?
Any individual, non-commercial blogger in Howard County is welcomed to co-host an upcoming party for free. You’re encouraged to partner up with another blogger or two when co-hosting a party. Businesses — those with blogs and those that don’t yet have blogs — that wish to sponsor a party can contact Jessie Newburn for more information.

Also, other bloggers in the community host parties and events, so, in general, tune in to the local blog scene to know when and where the parties are happening.

Where do you host your parties?
We aim to have our parties at bars and restaurants in Howard County, so that the food, drinks and service are built in to the venue. Some of our past parties have been at Stanford Grill, Union Jacks, Pure Wine Cafe, Kloby’s Smokehouse and more. Some party write-ups are found here, here and here. Our key concern when selecting a venue is that we are able to accommodate 50-100 people in a not-totally-but-somewhat specific area where are party go-ers can mingle, and that the restaurant’s diners can eat their meals without our party spilling over into their seating area.

That said, we’re flexible and willing to consider something different. We’ve had a cocktail demo party at Gadsby’s, a party catered by Zoe’s and held at Secolari Oils & Vinegars in the mall, and we’d love to do tours of HoCo facilities so that people can better see into the infrastructure of our community.


We’ve held workshops for passion and corporate bloggers alike. Our most recent workshop was this one.

To learn more about our parties and events