Businesses with blogs

21044 business blogs listed on hoco blogsIs your business’ principal office and operations in Howard County, Maryland? If so, you’re welcome to submit your company’s blog in the Companies, Topics and Tech category. You’ll find the info you need for submitting your blog here.

After watching a blog feed for awhile, we occasionally need to delist a business blog from our site. Common reasons for this decision include too many posts (thus overshadowing the other blogs in the same category), using the blog for advertising and promotions versus thoughtful perspectives, and using a blog platform for publishing content versus actual blog posts, e.g. a realtor who posts each new home for sale as a blog post.

So, we do welcome business posts and please understand that sometimes the nature and volume of the content don’t fit quite as well with a community site. Some examples of businesses that are listed on hocoblogs include Ellicott City Pharmacy, the Insight 180 and British American AutoCare.

Remember, too, if you’re tweeting or posting on Instagram to use #HoCoBiz (when relevant) and many of the other locally focused hashtags found here.

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