A specific way to help Ellicott City

If anyone would be willing to scan the TotallyHoCo.com calendar, find all the Ellicott City fundraisers, and put together a list of the event URLs (those on TotallyHoco vs. the actual event URL on Facebook or a website), then I can —

  • Tag all the events in TotallyHoCo.com,
  • Feature them on the calendar,
  • Create a calendar widget, which essentially creates a live feed of all the Ellicott City events and fund-raisers that anyone — any blogger, any government, any business — can add to their website or blog.

The result: an organized, aggregated list of events and fundraisers that people can see, share and use for their own planning and support.

Sooner is better as many events are happening now!

Add the information on this spreadsheet.

Extra promotion and event support

If anyone would be interested in tweeting these many events on @TotallyHoCo and @HoCoBlogs’ twitter accounts and/or sharing these events and posts on TotallyHoCo’s FB page (for the purpose of reaching a larger audience), let me know ASAP and I’ll add you as a temporary admin to do so.

And let me know when you’re done creating the list (jessie@hocoblogs.com).

Look for events up to at least Aug 20th if not beyond.

Also, if you know of events that aren’t yet listed, please add them or ask the organizer to add them ASAP.




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