Events in support of Historic Ellicott City (and more you can do)


If you’d like to support and attend #ECstrong events, check out and the featured events on top of the calendar.

If you know of events not yet listed, please encourage the event organizer to post their event on It’s free, easy and DIY to post events. Help keep the calendar fresh and updated.

If you’ve got a blog or website where you can add a widget of content and would like to add the list of events to your site, the code is pasted below. Help share the events.

If you’d like to help keep this list going, LMK and I can make you an admin to help with the #ECstrong calendar. (I’m going to Burning Man in a few weeks and won’t have internet access, but someone else can manage the events in my absence.) It’s a couple/few hours of work, at most, for a few weeks.

Check out the HoCo Tourism Council’s site and ways to help.

If anyone would like to scan the events listed here and compare them to the TotallyHoco calendar (and let me know which events to add, or better yet, add them yourself), please do. That will help make the calendar stronger.

If you’d like to help promote these many benefits and fundraisers on @hocoblogs and @totallyhoco’s FB and twitter accounts (and you have the current know-how and skills to schedule FB posts and tweets), LMK and I’ll give you temporary account access. Or go at it using your own social media accounts. You know have the links for the events.

While there are a lot of immediate outpouring of events and fundraisers, this is a long-haul recovery and there will be more events, such as stream cleanups and other community information meetings. I appreciate your help to continue to feed information into the calendar by posting events or encouraging event organizers to get their event published on

Thanks to my anonymous helpers for identifying many of the #ECstrong events and fundraisers that have been scheduled in the aftermath of the devastating flashfloods.

My contact info: Jessie Newburn at totallyhoco at gmail

To contribute directly

Check out the list of GoFundMe pages to send funds to individuals and business impacted by the flash flood, go here. Floria Volynskaya created this list.

You can also contribute at the page.

Where’s the list of stuff for sale?

Floria Volynskaya created a great list of gofundme pages. Has anyone listed all of the tshirts, etsy stores, items for sale to benefit #ECstrong?

Check out the blogs

HoCoRising takes the lead on this subject, though you’ll find other bloggers writing on the flood and aftermath on HoCoBlogs.

Calendar widget code to paste into a blog or website

  (function(){var d=document,s=d.createElement('script'),


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