For businesses

Howard County’s business community is robust. As a community of bloggers, we welcome you, your CEOs, your managers, your staff and your customers to get more involved with the local blogging and social media scene here. Here are some things you can do:

Get listed on HoCoBlogs

It’s free to be listed and takes but a few minutes. Most businesses’ blogs qualify to be listed on our site. To learn more about which blogs we list and why, read here.

Get to know the local bloggers

Read some of the local blogs listed on and get to know the bloggers. Follow @HoCoBlogs on Twitter for a stream of local blogs, perspective and news. And come to our parties and other events for HoCo bloggers and their readers.

Help the bloggers help you

Understand how to prepare your content so that bloggers can blog about you if they’re interested. Read this and this to cover your bases.

Tweet wisely

Use hashtags well, with intention, knowledge, purpose, and humor when the time calls for it. Here’s a comprehensive list of locally focused hashtags. You may also want to use —

  • #HoCoBiz – a catchall tag
  • #HoCoPeople, #HoCoAwards – for promotions, awards and overall good news about your company or team
  • #HoCoEvents – for events your company is hosting
  • #HoCoJobs, #HoCoTech, #HoCoHousing
  • and many more

Follow the #HoCoBiz Twitter list and make sure you’re company is listed on this list or one of the many other HoCo-focused Twitter lists.

Share your news!

Read this page for more tips and help on how to share your news with Howard County bloggers and social media activists and enthusiasts.

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