Share your news!

Whether you represent a local organization, a business, a community event or a local candidate, you probably have some news you’d like to share. And you may well want pique the interest of local bloggers and social media activists. Here are some things to know and helpful local tips.

  1. Write your press releases with bloggers in mind and post your online assets (photos, videos, logos, links to relevant info, social media links) in ways easily accessible and available to bloggers and social media activists.
  2. Study how to work with local bloggers.
  3. Use local hashtags well and wisely. Please resist the temptation to “@HoCoBlogs us” in your tweets in the hopes that we’ll see and RT your content. It’s easier/better/more beautiful/more fluid when you tweet well with local hashtags. It can be awkward for us to RT tweets with, in essence, “Hey, @hocoblogs, notice us!” Just state what you need to state, shorten your links, add your hashtags and trust the process.
  4. Get your own blog. They’re free and easy to set up. Get listed on; then learn how to use these local tags to redirect your local posts to a niche local audience.
  5. Avail yourself of the HoCo social media industry-specific tips found on this site.
  6. Be willing to give if you ask something of us. HoCoBlogs is often a media sponsor for local charities and their galas, events, expos and more. If you have tickets for us, we will post an ad on our site, with a link to your event, plus we’ll tweet the event and link several times to our 3,333+ local Twitter followers and post it for our 800+ local Facebook “likers” to see. What do you have to give to local bloggers? Discounted services, passes, special access, trial memberships? Be creative and generous.
  7. Please don’t add HoCoBlogs to your press list. We don’t “cover” news. We help bloggers and social media enthusiasts reach a larger, wider, more niche local audience. Same with you. We can help you do the same … if you follow the tips above.

Really. Please don’t send us your press releases. The volume of “please cover my news,” “help me get exposure,” “here’s my press release,” and “hey, do you want to write about my business/cause/concern” requests that come our way has increased quite a bit of late. This is good news in that it signifies that bloggers and social media activists are an integral part of communications strategies now. Equally, the sophistication, savvy and responsibilty expected of you — particularly how you approach and engage bloggers — has also increased. #DoYourPartFirst

Follow the tips above and you’re more likely to get good results, more engagement, more “coverage” and more integration in the community.