Sponsorships, ads and deals

For businesses and organizations wanting more social influence and reach in Howard County, HoCoBlogs and our community of bloggers provides some interesting opportunities.


Let’s start with the most basic and traditional: advertising. We offer advertising spots on HoCoBlogs, both on our main page and on subpages that are focused on a category of blogs. With advertising you’ll reach our audience of site visitors — all local and all looking for information about the community in which they live. We’ve got regulars who visit the page every day, those who check in now and again, and those who find our site when reaching out to find more people, happenings and news in the community. Ad sizes are 295 (width) x 150 (height) and must include a link to a website.

sponsorship of hocoblogs parties local marketing in howard county clarksville ellicott cityParty Sponsorships

You can also sign up as a sponsor for one of our blogger parties. You’ll directly reach the attendees, which range from 50 to 100 per event. Sponsors tend to get a fair amount of exposure as people often blog about the party before and after, check in on Foursquare and Facebook and thank the sponsors and live tweet during the party. There are a variety of options for corporate sponsors. Let’s start with a phone call if you’re interested.


We offer events, such as workshops on blogging tips, using social media and more. We welcome companies to sponsor these workshops and events in creative ways. For example, if you have a large conference room with good technology and plenty of seating and are willing to host a workshop and provide some light food, this is one option to consider. Such a sponsorship is more intimate, as you’ll be inviting people into your space. Another option is to pay for the space rental and light food at a workshop. Again, a more intimate relationship as the people there will be quite aware that they are receiving a gift (knowledge, connection, information) made possible through your company’s sponsorship.

Access & Deals

And, lastly, we’re connected in many ways to the early adopters and active users of social media in our community. Do you have a special deal to offer for people who check in at your place on Foursquare, or who blog about your service? Perhaps you’re a board member for a local nonprofit and are looking for more press and personal connection to promote your group’s annual fundraiser. You might consider trading two tickets to your event for a promotional blog post or active Facebook promotion. Or perhaps you simply want to offer a special deal to bloggers because you appreciate how their work, which is a labor of love for most is a labor of love, makes Howard County more awesome.

Contact us

Call us. Reach out. The ecosystem and interconnectedness of bloggers, readers, institutions, organizations and businesses is important to us. We’re interested in the blogger community being recognized for its role in the community and for individual bloggers to be acknowledged through special deals in which they can participate.

Interested? Connect with Jessie Newburn, 443-794-7521, email or Twitter (@hocoblogs).

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