Looking for Twitter shares?

Many orgs and businesses want us to share their tweets. We are happy to do that when it’s a reasonable request within our focus (HoCo) and convenient for us.

Here’s how to be successful getting us to RT your tweets.
  • Send us the URL of the tweet you’ve already posted to jessie@hocoblogs.com. In the email subject line, write “Please retweet.”
  • Use good local hashtags.
  • Be following us on Twitter, @hocoblogs.
  • Tell us what you’ll tweet for us. And do it. Are you RTing our tweets? Letting your network know about our HoCoEvents calendar? In other words, let your email arrive in our inbox where we’re owing you a favor.
Here’s how to be less successful …
  • You lessen your chances of us RTing your tweets when you “@” us to get our attention. Why? It’s wasted space in your tweet that could be focused on your message. And, over time, if we RT tweets that have cc @hocoblogs over and over again, well, it just doesn’t look so good.
  • Send us an email or press release for which we’d then have to compose a new tweet.
  • Ask us to RT a message that defames or criticizes a person, place or thing.

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