Welcome, new bloggers

Welcome, new bloggers

Ah, July in Maryland! Filled with farmers’ markets, beach vacations, community events, and days at the pool. For your summer reading pleasure, check out the following blogs.

Terrapin Adventures – @TerrpnAdvntures

Shelovesgoodthings – @shelovesgoodtgs

Next Day Floors – @nextdayfloors1

Spiritual Grit: Thoughts on Counseling, Christ & Soul Care – @commuterstories

#PoshMamaSaidSo: The Busy Mom’s Guide to Everyday Pampering – @PoshAddictsUnt

Andrew Liberman – @andyliberman


Welcome, new bloggers

Welcome, new bloggers

The countdown to summer has begun. Take a break from your vacation planning to check out these new blogs. Enjoy the sunny weather!

HoCo APFO – @HocoApfo
Fresh Balance Nutrition – @fbnutrition
Pilates, Pearls, and Peanut Butter: Fitness, Fashion, and Food
Patapsco River Ramblings – @PatapscoMike
A Chef’s Wife – @atersiguel
United Granite Blog
Grow My Local Biz – @markjayscott
Cap & Sable – >@jemgonzalez_
Wallet Hacks – @wallethacks

Welcome, new bloggers

Welcome, new bloggers

April showers have brought May showers! When you can’t make it outside due to the weather, curl up with these new blogs.


Totally HoCo Events

Want to see what’s going on in Howard County, rain or shine? Have an event you’d like to promote? Visit TotallyHoco.com. If you’d like to be informed regularly about other local events, sign up for the weekly update.

Welcome, new bloggers

Welcome, new bloggers

The calendar says April and the weather is gloriously unpredictable!  Welcome spring by checking out these new blogs. And check out the volunteer opportunity below.


Volunteer needed!

Have about 4 hours to spare? HoCoBlogs needs some help for a one-off project that involves collecting and renaming about 30 photos of local politicians for the website http://scottetech.com/hocopolitics/. If you are interested, contact jessie@hocoblogs.com.

HoCoBlogs Party and Tour at Jailbreak Brewing Company

HoCoBlogs Party and Tour at Jailbreak Brewing CompanyJoin us for a summertime evening at Jailbreak Brewing Company. Mingle with Hoco bloggers and blog readers … and get a tour of Howard County’s newest brew pub. Come early for the happy hour (3-6 pm specials) not only of their craft beer but also of the Kloby’s food truck parked outside. And stay for a tour of their brewing operations. (The tour begins at 6 and will last about 45 minutes.)

See you there! Bring a friend or two.

#HoCoBeer #HoCoEvents #SummerofNeighbors

Jailbreak Brewing Company
9445 Washington Blvd N, Suite F Laurel, MD 20723
Wednesday, August 6 at 16:30 – 19:30

RSVP here. 

HoCoElections page offers voters insight and perspective via candidates’ social streams

Check out the new HoCoBlogs’ Election 2014 page.

Click the hashtags for race-specific Twitter streams.

And definitely follow and use #HoCoPolitics!


With the primary elections around the corner and early voting starting now, many voters may find themselves shrugging their shoulders, essentially saying, “Eh, I really don’t know who to vote for. All the candidates sound so alike. What if I vote for the wrong person? … I guess I’ll leave the voting to those who are more involved and know better.”

Does this sound like you? It sure is how I was for years; nay, decades. I still find it challenging to differentiate one candidate from another when all I have to go on is their printed election material, which almost always make a candidate look good, reasonable and worthy of my vote.

Sample page from the new site for HoCoElections.

Sample page from the new site for HoCoElections.

So how do you get to know the candidates? How do you get a sense for who someone is? How do you gain insight, perspective and confidence to vote for the person who seems like the best candidate to you?

One way and one angle to gain this perspective is through the candidates’ social media activity in the form of blogs, Facebook updates, tweets and more. In social media, there is usually less vetting of content, more in-the-moment-ness and more opportunity to see into someone’s personality than exists with highly edited and strategic printed campaign mailers.

At HoCoBlogs, we’ve pulled together local candidates’ social media activity in a new website: HoCoBlogs’ Election 2014, which you can find at www.hocoblogs.com/elections2014. Come visit (again and again, we hope) and get to know your candidates. Perhaps, and hopefully, you’ll feel more confident to cast your vote and participate in local elections this year.


PS – Yes, we are aware that many a tweak still needs to be made. We wanted to get this site mostly done before the primaries, and we’ll update it after the primaries to reflect the elections. Feel free to send updates and new or corrected info to jessie@hocoblogs.com.


HoCoBlogs’ endorsements for CA Board positions: Fontaine, Schwarz, Waller

HoCoBlogs endorses the following candidates for these contested CA Board positions:
  • Bob Fontaine – Harpers Choice
  • Harry Schwarz – Hickory Ridge
  • Suzanne Waller – Town Center
Local bloggers agree heartily.

And, oh, how I miss Dennis. He’d be so in and on this conversation of CA elections with trenchant observations, witty commentary and helpful information for the whole community.

Vote on Saturday

Most elections are held at the village centers, from 9-3. Check in with your VC for specifics.