Tags for your hoco-focused posts

You live in Howard County, right? Even if you blog mostly on your personal life, a topic of interest or a hobby, there will likely be times that you want to write about something local. Perhaps your daughter’s elementary school is having a craft fair and fundraiser, and you’re hoping more people will atten. Perhaps you want to write in support of a candidate for the local village elections. Or maybe you went to a new restaurant and want to write an informal review. My belief is that there may be an article or two in the HoCo Times that got you thinking to the point where you wanted to write a blog post about the subject.

We have a nifty solution for these situations: one that allows you to be both a personal (or topic or company blogger) *and* to reach a larger, more-focused community audience when you write about local news and concerns.

See, integral to how HoCoBlogs works is a database. When you submit your blog, we do our best to ensure that it goes into the best category on our site. That category becomes your blog’s “home category.” When these times arise — when you want to focus on a local subject — our series of special tags  will redirect a specific blog post of yours into another category on HoCoBlogs.

This tag posts —> in this category

#HoCoBlogs —> Community category
#HoCoPolitics —> Politics category
#HoCoArts —> Art category
#HoCoFood —> Food category
#HoCoFaith —> Faith category
#HoCoTech —> Tech category

Some guidelines for what posts go where

Only for posts about news, issues and events specific to Howard County, Md. (Check the other tags to see if another category is a better fit.)

Primarily for posts on politics, campaigns and elections in Howard County, Md. Also for posts about state, national and international politics.

Primarily for posts about the arts scene – music, drama, dance, visual arts, crafting and more – in Howard County, Md. Also for general posts on the arts and crafting.

Primarily for posts on food, restaurants, farms, CSAs and grocery shopping in Howard County, Md. Also for general food posts, recipes and photos.

Primarily for posts about/from a faith organization in Howard County. Also for personal posts about faith and belief.

Primarily for posts about the tech scene — events, meet-ups, companies — in Howard County. Also for general tech posts, geeking out and so on.

Here’s how the special tags works
  • First, your blog has to be listed on HoCoBlogs.com. (Your blog will be in one primary “home” category on our site.)
  • Second, when you have a post that fits better in another category, select the category and related tag (see below).
  • Third, type that tag somewhere in the body of your blog text. Note, it need not be visible to the human eye; only our technology has to be able to read it. Some bloggers add the tag and then change the text color of the tag to the same color as the background color of their blog.
  • Fourth, resist the temptation to pick multiple tags. One and done.
  • Fifth, publish your blog as you always do. That’s it

How do these special terms work?
As long as your blog is listed in our database, our system will automatically detect the special tag you’ve selected and will redirect your post to the new category.  We do ask that you pick one tag only.

Does the text have to be visible?
No, some bloggers choose to add the special tags and then change the text color to match the background color of their blog, rendering the text invisible to a reader yet readable to our system.

Do I have to add those terms if my blog’s home category is the section I want to publish in? 
Nope, you’re good to go.

What if I a post needs more than one special tag?
Our technology is set up to follow the first tag only. Choose wisely.

Other questions?
Email Jessie.

*As of December 2013.