Hashtags are found all over now. Used well, they’re a great tool for organizing information around a specific subject or local community. There a growing list of organizations, individuals and businesses that are understanding the power of using local hashtags well.

For Twitter & Instagram users

If you’re tweeting and gramming, we encourage you 1) to learn more about the importance of locally focused hashtags and 2)  to use the growing list of #HoCoMd twitter hashtags. To see an active and prolific use of local hashtags, follow @hocoblogs on twitter. This list is a beginning and a guide.

And check out HoCoBlog’s RebelMouse site to see how select hashtags can self-populate and publish local content. Tagboard is another tool that shows the value of good hashtags. Check out this Tagboard for #HoCoFood.

For Everyone

Whether you blog, tweet or just read, you can still use twitter and its information stream in some useful and locally relevant ways. For starters, you can create a free account with Hootsuite or Tweetdeck and then set up streams on local hashtags such as #HoCoMd, #HoCoFood or #HoCoPolitics. Get micro-hyper-local and go for #OaklandMills, or whatever your neighborhood is.

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