Oil & vinegar, music & Uber

Oil & vinegar–another party

Our next hocoblogs party (for Howard County bloggers, their readers and social media enthusiasts) is July 11 at Secolari Artisan Oils & Vinegars at The Mall in Columbia. This is our third time heading there for a party, and, as you can probably guess, it’s one of my favorite places to host our parties. Magianno’s  is providing light fare. Come on by. It’s free to attend. Your tweets, FB posts and reviews, ‘grams and blog posts promoting the party and thanking our sponsors is appreciated. As are RSVPs.

folky fridayMusic, music & more music

As I mentioned in a previous post, there is sooo much live music happening this summer. Check out Sunset Serenades at Centennial Park, for one free option. Turf Valley on Thursdays. Lake Kit many a night. And my new favorite: Folky Fridays at the Little French Market. You can BYOB your night there, get a pizza from RiverHouse Pizza and enjoy a lovely, casual evening with friends while listening to some live music. It’s all rather charming. Make sure to check out TotallyHoCo.com for even more live music and local events.


I’m a couple of weeks out from publishing my first ebook, Uber Chronicles: Field Notes from the Front Seat. It’s about my experience driving for Uber. I write about each and every one of my passengers. I’d be most grateful for your support when the book comes out. Some ways that you can help me are to —

  • Download the book. (It’ll be free for the first few days). The more downloads, the better my book’s ranking in Amazon’s eyes and the more likely they’ll promote the book for me.
  • Write a review on Amazon. (FWIW, Amazon gives more weight to reviews that have been written by people who have downloaded the book.)
  • Create a backlink to my book’s page on Amazon. (A backlink is a link on another website that links to a specific URL.) The most legit form of a backlink is from a blog, but a FB post or tweet is good too! Amazon likes backlinks … a lot. (That page doesn’t exist yet; it will soon.)

That’s it for now. If you want to make sure you get an update about my new book, you can like my FB page or sign up for announcements.


Uber Chronicles Final-01 (1)


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