HoCoBlogs Party at Waxuality … yes, a waxing salon!

Well, this is a first!  We’re having our next HoCoBlogs party at Waxuality, a newly opened body-waxing salon in Ellicott City. Come join us on Wednesday, March 30, from 5-7 p.m.,for light fare, wine and water, mingling and–as you might have imagined–complimentary waxing services! Yes, right then and there.

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While Waxuality specializes in full-body, bikini, and Brazilian waxes for women and men (with nary a care for how bare a customer wants to go), the complimentary services offered at the party will include your choice of a free brow, upper lip or lower-arm waxing. You can have your session in the open–if you’re feeling daring–or in one of the closed rooms. You can also take home the coupon and gift it to a friend, spouse, colleague, neighbor, or come back yourself. In other words, you need not get the waxing service the evening of the party.

Mandi, the owner of Waxuality, owned a salon in Chicago for 13 years. She came to Maryland to pursue a new career path and complete her graduate studies at Johns Hopkins University two years ago. While working toward her Ph.D. in Leadership, the entrepreneurship bug bit her once again. As a result, Waxuality was born. Mandi is fairly new to the area and doesn’t know a lot of people so, she’s excited to host the HoCoBlogs party for bloggers, their readers, and local social media enthusiasts.

Kindly remember, these parties happen, in large part, because restaurants and businesses are generous with us (providing food, drink and a space to meet and mingle) and hope that you will be generous, too, with your social media capital: your tweets, periscopes, ‘grams, blog posts, yelp reviews, FB checkins, and more. #Waxuality #HoCoEvents #EllicottCity Please do your part if you like the free-to-you hocoblogs parties and want more of them to happen. Even if you can’t attend the party yourself, please help spread the word. Every tweet counts. Every FB post matters. Every blog mention has value. Yes, I’m talking to you. Specifically. 🙂 Give some social media love to these businesses.

See you soon!

RSVP here.

Jessie Newburn

PS – Big thanks to Julia McCready of Village Green/Town Squared, Kirsten Coombs of Kirsty Cat’s Meow, Duane St. Clair of HoCo Connect; Angie Kozlowski of AngieKozBlogs; and Eric Freed of Away from the Things of Man for their thoughtful blog posts about the fabulous party at Nalley Fresh. We had 144 people attend the party at Nalley Fresh. Our biggest party ever! Thanks to everyone else for their many tweets, FB posts, instagram posts and Yelp reviews, too! It all counts!

Waxuality Social Media Links

$50 Waxuality gift certificates available for bloggers and writers

For those who blog and are willing to write a dedicated post about Waxuality, a $50 gift certificate for services will be available. Contact Mandi for details at waxuality@gmail.com. If you’re willing to write an extensive Facebook post, set the settings for that post as public, include photos and link to the Waxuality FB page, this offer is also available to you.

Save the date

I’ve started blogging again!

Check out my Uber Chronicles! 


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