Spread the word, get free tickets!

CFA-Winter-Festival-Ad-v1-1024x1024 (1)Have you tuned it? Have you paid attention? There’s a whole new vibe happening with the Columbia Festival of the Arts? Programs and events are now offered seasonally, each and all with a theme. The type of events offered has expanded. And ticket prices are available in a wider range (with a lot more tickets at the lower end).

HoCoBlogs and TotallyHoCo have partnered with the Columbia Festival of the Arts to provide bloggers and social media enthusiasts an opportunity to earn free tickets (up to four total) in exchange for your good work in sharing news of the CFA “Winter Beyond the Blues” season.

How to get free tickets

Take a look, below, to see the activities that will garner you a ticket. You can promote the festival as a whole, a specific event … you pick. Just make sure to include images and links … and hashtags if you have room. Then, once you’ve done your promotional activities, fill out this form and get ready to enjoy some local art and culture.

Here’s preview of the actions you can take to earn tickets.

Each checkbox is worth one ticket.

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 4.33.43 PM

Bonus points (not literally, but figuratively) for using local hashtags such as #HoCoEvents, #HoCoArts, #HoCoMusic, #HoCoDrama, #HoCoFilm and more!

Enjoy! And see you around town!



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