Who and What? Can you help build this list?

The @HoCoBlogs Twitter account, in operation for six years, has been, in my opinion, one of the best sources for local news. Why? It’s agnostic. The account retweets Dems and Republicans, the Columbia Flier and The Columbia Patch (when they were around), many businesses’ news, all sorts of events, restaurant news and specials, sports scores, blogger posts and much, much more.

About a half year ago, a volunteer took over the account management, but she is transitioning out of this role and it’s time to get another person to manage @hocoblogs. (It’s mostly retweets of local news … pretty easy and simple!)

During this time of transition, it’d be awesome to get a slew of highly local auto-retweets going. The only easy way we’ve found to do this is to associate a specific Twitter account with a specific hashtag using an IFTT recipe.

So how can you help?

Do you have recommendations of specific accounts that have a tendency to use specific local hashtags? If so, add them to this growing list and spreadsheet. You’ll notice the accounts are loosely organized by category, e.g. elected officials, organizations, bloggers, arts and culture, food and drink.

Is your favorite restaurant listed?

Is your local council member listed?

Is the organization where you volunteer listed?

You may have a quick suggestion. You may want to delve in for 30 minutes, an hour or more and add some suggestions. Your help is greatly appreciated. Make sure the account you suggest actually uses the hashtag you suggest… with some degree of frequency.


We also need someone to help set up the IFTT recipes. They’re pretty quick to do, but there are quite a few recipes to add. This is probably about a four-hour job. A great way to help your local community be that much more awesome! (PM meScreen Shot 2016-01-12 at 7.05.02 PM if you want to help!)

Please note: the tweets will ONLY auto-retweet if the account user includes the specific hashtag on the spreadsheet, so part of this research project to get more auto-RTs set up is to locate and find which orgs, people, biz and others are using hashtags. Can you help with this research and making recommendations?

Better yet, maybe it’s time to nudge some people to start using these local #hocohashtags more.

Please note #2: Hashtag abusers will be banned from the auto-RTs … and manual RTs, for what it’s worth. People who tweet, e.g. “Good morning, #HoCoMd” or who add in local hashtags to non-local info (with the intent of using the hashtags to their advantage … rather than understanding that the value in hashtags is first to the content consumer) with will also be banned. Warned first. Banned shortly thereafter if they don’t adapt. Hashtags are ultimately for helping people find information; not for orgs/businesses to spam into a community space.



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