Three parties for bloggers and their readers (plus a bonus party)

There are three summer parties coming up for Hoco bloggers and their readers. (Plus a bonus party invite.)

Tonight, June 3

Secolari’s Oil & Vinegar. I can’t say enough good things about this locally owned place! I love artisinal olive oils, vinegars and salts! Yum! (We’ll have lots of tasting opportunities.)

New restaurant – June 23rd

Check out the new Centre Park Grill. The Bare Midriff blogger, Elizabeth Brunetti has been here several times and has set up this party for us. This restaurant and the party is in the location of the old Cafe de Paris off Route 108.

Goodbye, Claire! – July 23rd

Aww, man! Claire of UK Desperate Housewife is heading back to, of all places, the UK. Mickey, Candace, Kris and Claire have organized a goodbye party at locally owned Portalli’s in Historic Ellicott City. Come on by!


… And another party because this one is near and dear to me

Burning Man Friend- and Fund-raiser

My Burning Man camp, More Carrot, is awesome! We gift to others fresh fruits and vegetables in one of the harsher environments on the planet. We’re having a fun and light event on July 25th at Gogo Guru.



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