Welcome, new bloggers

Welcome, new bloggers.

We’ve gotten lots of April showers and are already seeing the May flowers (and trees) blooming! It’s really time to enjoy spring (achoo!) before the heat of summer is upon us. Enjoy this list of new bloggers, too!

Join the HoCo Blogging Community!

Spring months bring lots of outdoor activities and lots of plans for the upcoming summer. Talk about it with your community. School plays? Prom? Travel plans? It doesn’t matter the topic as long as you are part of our HoCo community! Go ahead, submit your blog now!

It’s time to really get local…and share local.

You know it, you live it, let’s share it. I’m talking about your local community! #ColumbiaMd #EllicottCity #OaklandMills #LongReach #HarpersVillage and YOUR specific community. Use your hashtags and follow them on Twitter.

And don’t forget to use the hashtags on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and more.

You can always find our list of local hashtags here.

Share your local events and learn about others!

Have you heard about TotallyHoCo.com yet? It’s a fantastic local calendar where you can both find and share local events for free. Check it out.


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