Welcome, new bloggers

Welcome, new bloggers.

Spring is less than a week away! With Spring comes new life and new beginnings…so let’s add a couple of new bloggers, too!

Join the HoCo Blogging Community!

That cold, white stuff has melted away (mostly!) and the sun will be bringing us budding trees and new green grass! It’s time to start thinking about those outside projects, so let’s talk about them! Tell us your outdoor plots and plans for the coming months. It doesn’t matter the topic as long as you are part of our HoCo community! Go ahead, submit your blog now!

Let’s talk about upcoming events and how to easily share (and find) that information!

Have you heard about TotallyHoCo.com yet? It’s a fantastic local calendar where you can both find and share local events for free. Check it out. Follow (and use) #HoCoEvents on Twitter.

And don’t forget to use the #HoCoEvents hashtags on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and more.

You can always find our list of local hashtags here.

There’s an exciting new app coming soon!

Keep an eye out for the new app that’s coming from Ilana Bittner; it’s called HoCoSnapz!


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