Baby, it’s cold outside … so come to our party Friday night! (and more news)

Hello! Here are some local bits and pieces, parties, deals, local videos and fun tools to use.

What else are you going to do on a Friday night in HoCo? 2/20

Yeah, it’s cold outside. Really cold. Nothing some layers, good boots and a heavy scarf can’t solve. Bundle up and come on down to historic Ellicott City this Friday night, 8pm until … , for our first-ever night-time party for bloggers, readers and friends. We’ll be at the charming Still Life Gallery & Framing Shop on Main Street. We’ll have wine and dessert a plenty provided by Still Life, plus local craft beer provided by the good people of HoCo Beer Week. Deets here. 

Love for the Gateway – video

Did you see this delightful video by ADG Creative, “Love for the Gateway”? It’s rather awesome and features cameos by AIDA Bistro owners Mary and Joe Barbera, @ColGateway and others.

Deal of the Day

Kettlebell training for just $24 for your first month

I work out at 39-Minute Workout in Ellicott City, a low-frills, high-touch, super-awesome, commitment-to-full-health place based on three principals: Treatment, Training & Nutrition. They’ve got a “share the love” deal going on for current clients to bring in others (a max of 120 members total), and I’m extending that invitation here. Contact David Beares for deets, david@39minuteworkout.com888-838-9226.

A Healthy Happy Hour – 2/20

Join me, if you’re curious about the offer above, on Friday, Feb 20th, 5-7 pm, at 39-Minute Workout for a “Healthy Happy Hour.” (IDK if “healthy” means no alcohol. Sigh.) It’ll be a light-hearted, friendly event where you can meet the owners and many of the people who work out there. I’ll be there! Come say hi. 8001 Hillsborough Rd Suite I, Ellicott City, MD 21043

I’m digging this tool. I encourage you — if you like to share info, which I assume is quite likely — to check out this free tool as well. #play #explore #experiment Here’s an example of using it:

What’s Scott E doing?

For any of you wanting to have more local social influence, to get more involved in local news and activites, and perhaps to make some money from your social/content/online skills and influence, I encourage you to start paying closer attention to Scott E Software (blog and Twitter … and more, Fiverr, YouTube, tags).

Online calendar

Find, post, share local events on It’s free.

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