HoCoBlogs Party at Nottingham’s – Sept 9th

Come join us at Nottingham’s, one of Columbia’s most well-known and oft-visited taverns. We’ll be gathering on Tuesday, September 9th, 5:30-7:30 pm for a party with Howard County’s bloggers and their readers. (You’ve got to fit into one or the other of those categories, right?)

RSVP Here.

Nottingham’s is very generously providing a food buffet and four specialty drinks offered. They’ll be providing a drink ticket, too. It’s very helpful to our hosts that we have accurate RSVPs so that they can properly prepare and staff up as needed. (Thank you!)

We’ll be in their private room and will have a lovely space to mingle, meet new people and deepen relationships with those you already know. Bring a friend or two and introduce them to the vibrant, intelligent and ever-curious community of local bloggers, readers and engaged community members.

Your dust-covered, Burning Man-lovin’ co-host,



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