Craft cocktails, demonstrations and tastings at Gadsby’s Bar American, April 17th

Join HoCoBlogs and Gadsby’s Bar American Thursday, April 17th, for a demonstration and tasting of their spring craft cocktails.

gadsby's bar americanLearn the difference between using fresh v. canned juices, how to make your own syrups, and how to construct some fun, fresh and healthful cocktails!

Beverage Director Chad Spangler is nationally recognized for his art by highly acclaimed magazines such as the Washington Post and GQ. He was named Washington D.C.’s best bartender in 2012 and GQ/Bombay Sapphire’s Most Imaginative Bartender in 2013. You can read about him herehere and here.

Gadsby’s spring cocktail menu is freshly released with exciting tastes of the season. They will be highlighting some of their new seasonal drinks using combinations such as kiwi, cucumber and black pepper; and kumquat, peppers and mezcal. You can even see some modern molecular techniques like making a lavender cloud to top off a cocktail with gin, honey and fresh lemon juice. (I can attest to the latter’s delicious, refreshing flavor and its interesting look and beauty.)

As this particular party is focused on demonstrations and tastings (still with plenty of time for mingling) spots are limited, RSVPs are requested and your social goodwill and ability/willingness/capacity to share the love and give some good social media attention to Gadsby’s Bar American are all important.

We may be so lucky as to taste a few dishes brought out by Chef Robert Gadsby, and Gadsby’s social hour runs from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, with specials on food and drink. Make sure to order a cocktail and some food after the demonstration. Your challenge, I’d think, may be choosing which to order!

See you Thursday, April 17th, around 5:00 p.m.


PS – While you may not yet have eaten at Gadsby’s Bar American, I can heartily recommend that they are deserving of the categories for which they ask for nominations in the Howard Livingmagazine’s Best of Howard Dining contest,which ends, interestingly, the day and hour of our party. While you can vote for many restaurants in a number of categories — and we encourage you to do so — our host is looking particularly for votes in the Best New Restaurant, Best Chef,andBest Martini categories.



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