Party! And complimentary wellness treatments from Synergy Pilates & Yoga

Please join HoCoBlogs, Gadsby’s Bar American, C02 Productions and Umbrella Syndicate at Synergy Pilates & Yoga’s open house party on Thursday, April 10th, 6-9 pm. Synergy, one of the first women’s fitness centers in the area, is expanding with a new wellness and treatment center offering acupuncture, reflexology and massage in addition to the pilates, yoga and other fitness classes they already offer.

Party Deets
  • When: Thursday, April 10th * 6-9 pm
  • Where: Synergy Pilates & Yoga, 8815 Columbia 100 Parkway, Suite 2, Columbia, Maryland 21045
  • Food: Light fare provided by Gadsby’s American Bar.
  • Hashtags: #HoCoEvents, #HoCoWellness, #HoCoHealth, #HoCoBiz and more 
Complimentary* wellness treatments
… and/or for the ladies, a three-month trial membership

Bloggers and those seriously active on social media are invited to experience a complimentary scheduled wellness treatment (a one-and-a-half-hour session combining acupunture, reflexology and massage). This treatment option is open to both women and men. Female bloggers and those who know how to work social media and their local networks are invited to experience a three-month trial membership that includes classes such as Metabolic Magic, Piloxing, Buddha Camp and Interval Intensity.

Those receiving the complimentary services or memberships are asked to share their social capital (their influence) with their local network. The expressed and unabashed desire here is to help local businesses be more successful and to help bloggers get more access to services and opportunities in Howard County.

To receive one of these gifts

To receive one of these gifts, please coordinate with me (Jessie Newburn – email or text, 443-794-7521) of HoCoBlogs. The complimentary treatments and memberships will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Perhaps you’ll write a blog post and share that on Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps you’ll do a Vine or Instagram and share that as well. Or maybe you’re a photographer and you’ll post some Instagram and Facebook photos and write a review on Yelp or your Facebook page. We’re each different and have comfort levels with different tools. In any case, please lmk what it is you plan on doing in exchange for what you’ll receive.

spring into wellness - synergy event - gadsbys


Business sponsorships of parties and marketing opportunities

Businesses large and small, we have parties you can sponsor and give a little TLC (food and/or drinks) to bloggers; we have many bloggers who are curious and want to explore their home zone more. They want to know what businesses and services are here. We can help you connect with them.

Save the date
  • Synergy Open House – April 10th
  • Planning Board Meeting re #DowntownColumbia, HoHu, Merriweather & more – April 17th
  • Columbia Villages & GEDS Market Study – April 23rd, Bain Center
  • HoCoBlogs’ next party is at Alexandra’s Restaurant  at Turf Valley. Assuming the weather is lovely that day, we’ll be outside on the patio.  May 28th
  • Check in on this recent post for other upcoming HoCoHappenings.



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