For those politically minded

If you’re politically minded — or maybe just poli-curious,  in Howard County, and interested in social media, may I recommend that you —

  • Check out Scott E. Software’s  technology and social media scorecards for each of the races and all of the candidates. Comparisons of who has what digital communications assets — Facebook pages, blogs, websites, and Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram and Google+ accounts — and the number of followers they have are being posted (mostly) each month.
  • Follow this list of HoCo Elected Officials (and candidates) Twitter accounts. This will help you to stay up to date with the local political scene and  see how other  candidates are managing their Twitter presences.
  • Share these HoCo Social Media tips designed for local candidates. Do you know someone running for a local seat this year? Are they following the tips on this page? If not, will you help them be more informed?
  • Follow #HoCoPolitics. If you don’t understand why people tweet, fine, w/e. But at least use Twitter as a news source. It’s free, easy to scan and surprisingly easy to navigate if you know what you’re doing. Following #HoCoPolitics, the twitter list provided above and other local news sources on Twitter is a great way to scan what’s happening in the political scene and to be able to delve deeper into newspaper articles and blogs at your choice.
  • Follow this Tumblr accounHoCoLOCO for one man’s curation of local news and politics.

We all benefit from a more informed and engaged community; and especially as elections loom, it’s more important than ever for candidates to reach voters and for voters to be informed.

If your focus is more on local government and you have local government connections, may I recommend this page and set of resources.


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