Choose Civility partners, is your biz/org one?

Howard County’s Choose Civility campaign / program / mantra has dozens of Alliance Partners throughout the community. HoCoBlogs has been one since the inception (or near after) of the program, and we encourage you to get your local business or organization aligned and connected as well. In particular, HoCoBlogs is aligned with Choose Civility in Howard County because we —

  • Support conversation and dialogue by helping local bloggers connect with neighbors, local citizens and local leaders.

  • Actively take a stand against anonymous commenting and for owning one’s identity online. (It is our belief that people are more civil when they are knowable, transparent and engaged with real people.)

  • Host parties and events to help local bloggers meet each other, deepen relationships and develop their skills and capacities as bloggers.

  • Educate, lead and inspire a more Web 2.0 and social-media-oriented conversation and flow of information, thus engaging many of the quieter, more introverted citizens of our community.

  • Pay attention to and include others, welcoming all bloggers who live in Howard County — as well as organizations and businesses located in Howard County — to submit their blogs, free, on our site.

Join us in a civil, engaged conversation on the interwebs. Find the many voices in Howard County, above and beyond the “regulars” whose Letters to the Editor of the Columbia Flier seem to dominate the public conversation. Submit your blog if you have one. Encourage others you know who blog to do so, as well. Come, poke around, discover, participate and engage.

Your voice and participation is part of what makes a socially networked community tick.



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