HoCoBlogs’ March updates, news and opportunities

March updates, news and opportunities

A romantic dinner and dance compliments* of HoCoBlogs

Yes, there is an asterik. The “compliments” + asterik means the event is free to your wallet and paid for by your social actions and blogging. Read more here if you’re interested and LMK by Monday, March 10th, COB, if you want to participate.

When’s the next party?

Yes, I get asked this often … both at the HoCoBlogs party while it’s happening and thereafter. My answer: The next party happens when a co-host shows up. There are co-hosts (no cost for bloggers) and sponsors (businesses). Sometimes they are the same. Some times a small group of bloggers co-host together. Sometimes a blogger finds some aligned businesses and gathers some funds to offer complimentary drinks and food. There are many combinations that work. LMK if you’re interested in co-hosting: jessie@hocoblogs.com. It’s really quite easy, and fun!

Refreshing HoCoBlogs

Robin and I are investing in HoCoBlogs and hiring a developer to redo our hocoblogs.com site. We’d love to hear your thoughts and perspectives about features you’d like to see on HoCoBlogs, and suggestions you have for making the site better, more functional and more useful.

Got news to share?

The number of orgs, businesses, candidates and strangers who contact HoCoBlogs asking us to cover their news is, um, growing. Quickly. We don’t “cover” news at hocoblogs, per se, but we do help you/them/whomever reach a wider local audience. Check out this local resource for any organization, business, special event, candidate or individual looking to reach HoCo folks through social media and bloggers. And please/kindly, share this link with others.

Media sponsors

The spring Hoco event season is about to go into full bloom. HoCoBlogs is able to be a media sponsor for local charities and their galas, events, expos and more. We will post an ad on our site with a link to an event, plus we’ll tweet the event and link several times to our 3,333+ local Twitter followers and post it for our 800+ local Facebook “likers” to see. In exchange we want two or more tickets to your event. (The more you give us, the more grateful bloggers you’ll have at your event.) LMK if this is something you’d like.


If you’re into #HoCoPolitics at all — or simply want to be a more informed citizen — we recommend checking out@ScottESoftware’s social media scorecards for candidates! And follow/use/stream #HoCoPolitics in Twitter.


Big thanks to @RidaAllan for helping us each month with preparing and posting the “Welcome, New Bloggers” posts on HoCoBlog’s blog, and to @SuperSana and @AnnieRie for their help greeting and checking people in at our last party. In order for HoCoBlogs to grow, develop and serve you and the community better, we’re going to need more help from local bloggers and readers. Check out some of these fun and simple ways to serve and be more engaged and involved.

Rock on!




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