r u a #HoCoHelper?

HoCoBlogs is much more than “just a website.” We’re coming up on our seventh year and have some changes in mind; however, in order to grow so that we can focus more on the systems, technology and greater outreach to bloggers and the wider community, we’re going to need help from our local posse of bloggers and readers.

Here are some options for serving the community through greater involvement with HoCoBlogs and time estimates of your involvement–

  • Tweet for HoCoBlogs when we’re off grid or not able to manage the stream. (Varies, from an hour or more per weekday.)
  • Manage our Facebook page. (About 10 minutes a day, four to five times a week.)
  • Manage the HoCoFood and HoCoTech Facebook and/or Twitter pages.  (About 10-15 minutes a day, four to five times a week.)
  • Reach out to niche communities with local-to-hoco tips for better Twitter usage and how to engage local bloggers. (Varies, tweet and email people, orgs and businesses you know.)
  • Solicit more bloggers to submit their blogs. We have over 400 in our database; there are probably 4,000 bloggers (individuals, businesses and organizations) in HoCo. Really. (Varies.)
  • Prep, organize and publish the “Welcome, New Bloggers” list each month. (About four hours.)
  • Proofread our pages. Posts we’re not worried about*, but our pages our more static. (Varies.) *But if you want to help, that’d be awesome!
  • Design. We occasionally need light graphic design for banner ads and fliers. (Varies, a couple-few hours a month at most.)
  • Printing. As digital as we are, we have need for small-scale printing jobs here and there. Some printing donations (you can add your company name and website) would be grand!
  • Photographs. Cover our events. Take pics. Upload them. Caption them. Help share the HoCoBlogs story.
Party help
  • Greet and register people at our parties. (About an hour once every month or so. It’s fun and a great way to meet people.)
  • Help find co-hosts. Co-hosts are mostly bloggers, and there is no cost to individual bloggers. (Varies.)
  • Help secure sponsors. The parties are just that much lovelier when the drinks are complimentary and delicious bites of food are put out, gratis.  In clumps of $50, $100 and more, even small businesses can contribute. Larger businesses, more so … what a great way to reach a local, engaged audience! (Varies.)
  • Promote the parties. Through your local network, tweets, email, Linkedin and more, we need help promoting the parties. We also need help preparing the party invites, press releases and more. (Varies, but about two to three hours each month.)
  • “Cover” the parties. Help us be honorable to the venues that host us and our sponsors by giving them social media love: tweet, check in, blog, Vine, Instagram, use hahstags, write a review on Yelp, like their Facebook page and thank them … use, wield and demonstrate your social capital. (Varies, but about two to three hours each month.)

And we’re open to your suggestions of how to get more involved.

Small steps make for big change!


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