Next party – at White Oak Tavern, Feb 27th


If you were at our last party at Alexandra’s Restaurant, I probably don’t need to say much to convince you to come to this one as well. (What a lovely event it was and what gracious hosts the team at Alexandra’s were!) Our next party co-host is probably better known in national running circles than in the Howard County blog scene. Her name is Amanda Loudin and as her blog says, she is …

Amanda recently created a page on her site, Run Howard County, with local resources for runners and shout-outs (links) to local resources (businesses and orgs), some of which she’ll be inviting to co-host the party with her. I like that Amanda has aggregated and published niche local information … and she came up with the hashtag #RunHoCo. (You have seen this list of local-to-HoCo hashtags, right?) Speaking of tags, for bloggers, we have a new list of tags you can add to specific blog posts to redirect where they show up on our site. You can learn more about that opportunity here.

As always, our parties are open to bloggers and their readers. For more information about our party co-host and venue, read on. I hope to see you all on Thursday, February 27th, 5:30-7:30 pm at White Oak Tavern.

RSVP and deets here.

Dancing, dressing up, food and drink

There is a blogger dinner dance at Peralynna Inn (free for those who can rock their social capital on social media). As well, the library’s Vintage Vegas-themed Evening in the Stacks party is coming up, and if you’re a fan of the library, I hope to see you there also.

Content +  Twitter + Hashtags + Curation

The shooting incident at the mall this past week highlighted to me, among many things, the value of an informed, engaged and connected citizenry. I do encourage you to be on Twitter, follow @HoCoBlogs and learn what you can from this hoco-focused site. Twitter plus hashtags plus curation is one of the most powerful tools for moving information … and quickly, as our county exec, police department, news reporters and community showed this past weekend. I believe it’s a smoother route to use these tools leisurely at first so that they’re comfortable to you when — and if — you need them in an emergency.




2 thoughts on “Next party – at White Oak Tavern, Feb 27th

  1. Jessie, thank you for leading us all in this strange new world of the blogosphere. When I heard of the shooting at the Mall, I impulsively turned to the local TV networks for news, but they took forever to get on top of the story. As you point out, the earliest and best source of news was via Twitter feeds.

    • Hi Harry, I’m glad to hear of your experience and agree wholeheartedly: there’s nothing like Twitter to move information quickly and with purpose and direction. See you at the party!

      On Mon, Feb 3, 2014 at 9:21 PM, HoCoBlogs in the Community wrote:


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