Vegas, baby … and fancy nights out

Evening in the Stacks – Feb 22

Have you received your invitation to this year’s Evening in the Stacks fundraiser for the library? This year’s theme is Vintage Vegas, and the invitation is adorable. One aspect of the evening’s fun and fundraising is the local celebrity bartenders: people who will do all sorts of shenanigans to earn your tips, which then get donated to the library as part of the evening’s overall fundraiser.

Notably, this year, three of the six celebrity bartenders are bloggers: Mickey Gomez  of Life and How to Live it, Claire Bolden McGill of UK Desperate Housewife, and Ian Kennedy of way-back HoCo Hayduke fame and now of various and sundry posts, videos and twitter campaigns. Tom Coale of HoCoRising and Dennis Lane of Tales of Two Cities have also been celebrity bartenders.

Whether you attend the event or find yourself elsewhere that evening, I hope you’ll find some time and generosity to donate to their tip jars. The library is near and dear to us, too. HoCoBlogs, while not much of a money-maker, has directed advertising revenue and personal funds from the co-founders to be an event sponsor of Evening in the Stacks in years past. Take a look at these fun videos to get you in the mood and get some outfit ideas brewing.

Three of the six Evening in the Stacks, Vintage Vegas, celebrity bartenders are local bloggers.

Three of the six Evening in the Stacks, Vintage Vegas, celebrity bartenders are local bloggers.

Dinner and Dance at Peralynna Inn – March 14

While HoCoBlogs has co-hosted a couple/few dozen parties over the years, they’ve mostly been happy hour parties. Which are lovely and fun. And I’ve been wanting to do something different for a while, so I hope you’ll climb out on a limb with me.

We’ve got a special night planned and you can attend this $50/person event for free. If you’ve got some social media juice to share — the ability to post updates, use Twitter hashtags, take and post photos, and intentionally and intelligently share content in your local network — then you can “earn” your ticket. More info here. And, if you simply want to attend the event and not worry about “earning your ticket,” that’s fine, too. For more information, read here.

peralynna - hocobloggers dinner dance graphic


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