Wear red to remember Wordbones

Some of you know him as Wordbones, others as Dennis, and some, perhaps, as the guy who wrote that really great blog, Tales of Two Cities. Whatever your connection or relationship to him, it’s likely that his life had an impact on you, either directly and personal, by reading his blog and the lively comments on them and/or in how he flavored the character and conversation both in the community and about the community.

Dennis Lane’s birthday is coming up January 29th, and his fiance Denise is encouraging friends and community members to wear red on his birthday and to share in their social networks statements of appreciation for his life. For some of you, changing your Facebook avatar maybe your choice. For some, a blog post may be what you do. And for others, contributing to the Dennis Lane Memorial Fund at the Community Foundation of Howard County will also be a way to express your appreciation for his life and what he’s done to enrich the community and your own life. (Please include “Dennis Lane Memorial Fund” in the honorarium line.) Below is a graphic that Ally, Denise’s daughter, created to help us all remember to remember the man and wear red on his birthday.

Dennis Birthday Photo plus happy hour

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