Blogger dinner and dance at Peralynna Inn

While I’ve enjoyed hosting many a party for bloggers and their readers over the years, I’ve also had my sights on other opportunities that are more than a just a happy hour get-together (lovely as they are).  I’m quite delighted to let you know that The Columbia Inn at Peralynna has invited HoCo bloggers to attend one of their monthly dinner and dance events.

How much? In terms of dollars, zero. We’ve been working with Peralynna to design a night wherein bloggers — and social media savvy folks who may or may not blog — are able to attend this special evening, a $50/person event, at no direct financial”cost” but rather in exchange for local social media goodness. Comped-ticket attendees can bring a guest at half price. (You must pre-RSVP with HoCoBlogs for this comped ticket.)

Social goodness? What does this social goodness look like? Blog posts, Facebook status updates with links to Peralynna’s FB/social sites, Tweets, photos and/or videos taken and posted. In general, use your social presence (blogs, FB, Vine, Twitter, Foursquare, etc.) and help promote their space and events. How you do that is your call, though you will be asked to let us know what you’ve done in support of getting a no-cost ticket for the event.

Dress up, dine and dance. Think of this as a “date night” of sorts. No date required, of course, as you’ll be among friends, or people who are friendly and conversant. Dress up, enjoy a lovely dinner, groove to some Motown tunes … all in your hometown.

Serious RSVPs only, please. We have been offered 10 comped tickets, and only 10, so if you RSVP (which you’ll do directly with HoCoBlogs) and want to participate in this offer, I’m asking for your serious commitment and upfront communication in a timely manner if you’re not able to attend.

Who can attend? Like all of our events, this opportunity is open to bloggers and their readers. If you ask to RSVP for one of the comped tickets then blogger or otherwise, please have a vision and plan of what you’re likely to do to help promote their business and these events. And let us know what that is.

  • Friday, March 14th
  • 7:00 – 10:00 pm
  • Location – The Columbia Inn at Peralynna, 10605 State Route 108, Columbia
  • RSVPs required to Jessie
  • Cost
    • Bloggers and social media actives – comped; RSVPed with HoCoBlogs; 1 comped ticket per couple, please
    • Guest ticket – Half price – $25 (from the regular price of $50); purchased from Peralynna
Peralynna’s social links
To help you with your blogging, status updates, tweets and more, here are Peralynna’s social links.

Looking forward to seeing you!


peralynna - hocobloggers dinner dance graphic


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