HoCo Social: Tools we’re using in the community

We recently published a list of some Howard County businesses, organizations and individuals on Pinterest. (Quite a few!) And there are many other tools — many of them free — that people are using to organize and share information in Howard County. Here are some more tools and the local people, businesses, schools and organizations using them. Know of more? Let us know by email or twitter (@hocoblogs).

Video – beyond YouTube

YouTube is great, but a whole new slew of video tools allow for easy, on-the-fly creation of video. They’re free and, mostly, easy to use.

Manual/curated aggregation 

These sites require scanning, tracking and selecting relevant information. They require some manual input. They’re free and easy to use. 

Hashtag-based aggregation 

These sites (mostly) use a hashtag from (mostly) Twitter to pull in content. They’re free and easy to use. Now you just need people using hashtags well to get a good feed. 


Hundreds of local people are using About.me to create personal profiles, branded websites and company and organization pages … with ease, and for free. Do you have an About.me page?

Other blogging platforms
  • Ian KennedyMedium (A great for big-thought pieces and no commentary; publishing without all the blog management responsibilities)
Regular ol’ websites

Seen Run Howard County by Miss Zippy and Howard County Swims by AngieKoz? They use manual curation plus a website/blog page to curate and publish information.


@kevxb and @se_coupe are using NextDoor.com and QRcodes to link to the app in their HOA community. What kind of technologies is your community association or village using?

Get to know your #HoCoHashtags

Hashtags add the spin, the extra qualifier, the bit that helps people (and search engines) know where to put info and how to find it. There’s skill, know-how and systems. Compliance and agreement involved. What better place than in a local community to use hashtags and use them well. Learn more about them herehere and here.

What about you? Your org? Your biz? Send more links of social sites (beyond Facebook & Twitter) used by Howard County businesses, individuals and organizations to us.


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