Listen, learn and vision … ways to get involved in Hoco

Local leadership opportunities

Did your intentions for the new year include getting more involved in your community? Yes? Good! Opportunities abound, dear one. It’s coming up on that time where if you’re interested in serving on a Columbia village board or the Columbia Association board of directors (all elected positions), you might want to look into what’s involved and getting your campaign together. More info here.

Also the Volunteer Center Serving Howard County has a number of opportunities for volunteers, along with their “board bank” of board opportunities. This site is a great resource for local organizations to post their board, leadership and volunteer opportunities. Perhaps you’re not interested in running for a village board seat, per se, but you can contact your village manager and encourage them to list leadership opportunities on the site. Or perhaps you’re already on a board and you can help get your organization’s opportunities listed with the Volunteer Center and board bank. Small steps. Forward progress.

Be Part of the Vision for a Nonprofit Center in Howard County – Jan 15

ACS, with support from Howard County Government andThe Horizon Foundation, and with the help of your creative insights will begin exploring the development of a nonprofit center in our county. Please plan to attend and be part of the process for visioning and planning the creation of a center where services can be provided in a collaborative environment, and clients and organizations can reap the benefits of shared space. Free. Register here. 

Older Adults and Columbia – Talk it out – Jan 13

When I first saw the Baltimore City Paper refer to Columbia and its “particularly gray brand of suburban penitentiary,” I genuinely thought they were referring to the aging population here and how the suburbs are getting older while the cities are getting younger. (Perhaps they were.) In any case, the Columbia Association has been developing a Comprehensive Plan for Serving the Older Adult Community and is now ready to release its draft plan recommendations seek feedback. The assessment, long-term planning and vision focused in and around your home zone and older adults are things you might — or might not — want to have on your radar. If you do, see if you can make it to the meeting. Deets here.

Party for bloggers and their readers – Jan 15th

Bloggers and their readers are welcome to attend a HoCoBlogs party tomorrow evening. Deets and a request for RSVPs here.


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