Doritos, fireworks and live music


An Ellicott City native has submitted an ad idea for a Doritos SuperBowl commercial. The consumer/fan voting has begun. You can vote once per day, per device — and see the video — here.

Fireworks surprises and social media solutions 

On Saturday night, fireworks were heard. By a lot of people. And a community was, um, confused, concerned … and on social media trying to figure it out. Facebook, Twitter and a blog post to offer the explanation. The HoCoTimes has an article about the fireworks and related social media activity here. Might we need local hashtags for emergency communications, e.g. #HoCo911 for serious communications, #HoCoFYI for updates but non-critical info?

Interested in keeping up to date on local music?

Follow #HoCoMusic (and use it as well). In your tweets, Facebook updates, Instagram posts and more, you can use thoughtful local hashtags thoughtfully to help share local information locallyMore here. Perhaps you’ll consider writing an occasional guest post for the dormant-and-waiting-for-revival local-music blog HoCoLive.

Party for bloggers and their readers – Jan 15th

Bloggers and their readers are welcome to attend a HoCoBlogs party tomorrow evening. Deets and a request for RSVPs here.


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