Give the gift of you: connect, participate, share music blog is looking for guest writers

Tom Coale had a recent post in which he called for a local music scene blog in Howard County. There is such a blog, HOCOLive. It’s been dormant for awhile as the blog creator has been busy playing and booking his own gigs, raising his kids and other sundry activities. But he’s open to having guest writers and others involved. A local blogger, Deena Dietrich, has offered to help. What about you? Is this up your alley? Perhaps you’d like to write about a specific genre, or to write a post-show follow-up, or to monitor shows coming to town … maybe you’d like to write about local musicians *in* Howard County. If you’re interested, reach out to Mark Scott.

Follow these #HoCoMd Twitter lists

Even if you don’t have a Twitter account, you can follow hashtag streams and get updates on local issues and niche communities and areas of interest. Create a free account in Tweetdeck or Hootsuite and set up streams on tags such as #HoCoMusic#HoCoEvents or #HoCoMd. Go hyper local with, for example, #OaklandMills#WildeLake or #EllicottCity. While you’re at it, make sure to follow @HoCoBlogs. The tweet stream is fairly high now, though all with a focus on HoCo bits and/or posts from HoCo bloggers.

Fun (and free) publishing tools — anyone can be an editor

Not all publishing tools require that you create content (write, photograph, make videos, etc.). Many of the emerging tools are about aggregating, organizing and publishing. You can be a “beat reporter” in HoCo by using some of these free tools, knowing your hashtags and understanding a bit about editing and story-telling. Many of these tools are surprisingly simple to use and they all have a free version, or at least a free trial. What a great compliment to your blogging repetoire, or perhaps even better, for your friends and neighbors who are community-focused but not wanting to blog. Have you seen Scoop.It? What about Storify? RebelMouse? Or

Do you have CSS and blog design skills?

I’m working on a micro-community prototype site and I need about 5-10 hours of time and skill for someone who knows how to get under the hood of a blog, add more widgets and tweak a blog template. This is a volunteer, non-compensated project I’m working on though there is a possible, distant angle for some income. I’m looking for someone who can and will do this project as a volunteer gift to a micro community in Howard County. Deets? Contact me.

Politicians and candidates are welcome to submit their blogs

Alan K, Brian B and Courtney W all recently submitted their campaign blogs for inclusion on Political candidates are starting up (and polishing up) their blogs. We’d love to have them listed on HoCoBlogs. Help your party (and fave candidate) out and help them get listed. Click here for more info.

Follow @EastCoastPhotog on Twitter

This local photographer does a fair amount of citizen journalist with his/her photos, tags and tweets; much with a focus on traffic, weather, emergencies, #BuddyTheSquirrel and #HoCoNature. And check out (or subscribe to) David Hobby’s HoCo 360 photography blog.

Get to know your #HoCoHashtags

Hashtags add the spin, the extra qualifier, the bit that helps people (and search engines) know where to put info and how to find it. There’s skill, know-how and systems. Compliance and agreement involved. What better place than in a local community to use hashtags and use them well. Learn more about them herehere and here.

#RunHoCo … with help from @MissZippy1

Blogger and avid Twitterer, Miss Zippy, has created a Run Howard County with resources, links to local running organizations, her fave acupuncturist, dietician, running shoes store and more. Interested in running? You’ll find — and can use — #RunHoCo on Twitter and Facebook. What about you? Have you created a similar site for your niche local interest? Let us know. We’ll share it.

Rock on!



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