December hocoblogs update: Say “hello.”

Columbia Market Study Analysis — Tonight

CA, HCEDA and HoCoDPZ are doing a market study to evaluate current and projected demand for development in Columbia’s village centers, as well as an interrelated analysis of the Dobbin Road/Snowden River Parkway/former General Electric manufacturing area. The meeting will introduce the consultant team, provide an overview of the project, explain of the study process and objectives and include time for discussion with the meeting’s participants. Says their site, this will be the first of three public meetings for the study.

  • Register — as a blogger, no less — here.

  • Learn more here.

From HoCo to The Philippines

As many of you know, the rather quiet and deeply dedicated tech powerhouse behind HoCoBlogs, Robin Abello, is from The Philippines. With his sister, Robin has helped to grow and strengthen a local school for the children rural and indigent farmers in the Negros area. Typhoon Yolanda damaged the school and destroyed many of the students’ already-tenuous homes. A simple and small gift of $25 can help rebuild a home. Please donate today!

HoCoPolice get a shout-out for their social media use

Remember the terrible Route 1 shooting incident where Officer Houck was wounded? The Howard County Police’s use of social media caught the attention of professionals in crisis and emergency management. Read here —

Mobbies Update

Congrats to all the HoCo bloggers who were up for Mobbies this year. Thanks to everyone — The Baltimore Sun for hosting, the bloggers for blogging, the readers for reading, and everyone who voted. Big thanks to the Mobbies for the brief yet heartfelt acknowledgement of Dennis’s life, community involvement and blog. You can see the voting results here.

Blogger parties (for bloggers and their readers)

The party at Second Chance was a big success I heard, and read! And Bill Woodcock seems to be on a roll with the parties. Expect another party in January or February he says. And, if you as a blogger, or group of bloggers, want to co-host a party with HoCoblogs, holler.

Welcome, new bloggers
Does your HoCo-based company or organization have a blog?

We’d love to have them listed on HoCoBlogs. It’s free to be listed.

Rock on!



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