What IS HoCoBlogs?

It’s a website.

The simplest answer is that HoCoBlogs is an aggregator website that publishes the latest blog posts from several hundred bloggers in Howard County, Md. Organized into categories such as food, politics, community and arts, the site updates automatically, on the hour, each time a new blog is posted. 

It’s a resource.

Looking for food bloggers in Howard County? You’ll probably find them on HoCoBlogs. Maybe you’re curious about a current issue in the community. You’ll probably find people blogging about it. And with our active twitter stream and quieter Facebook page, HoCoBlogs provides an opportunity to get a pulse on and view into what’s going on in the community at the moment.

It’s *a* community and part of *the* community.

HoCoBlogs is a community of bloggers and their readers. The site helps readers find blogs and bloggers find readers. With face-to-face events such as parties, workshops and other events, many relationships are forged. And, overall,  the general  feeling and experience many have by participating and having a greater voice in the community contributes to a healthier, more able and informed citizenry. In these regards, HoCoBlogs is both a community and an integral part of our community.

It’s a flexible publishing system.

While each blog on our site is placed in a  home category, bloggers are able to use specific tags to direct a specific post to a different category on our website. Say, for example, a personal blogger wants to write about school redistricting in HoCo. She need not create another blog for that purpose; rather, all she needs to do is add a specific tag to her post and that piece will publish in, for example, the Community blogger section vs. the Personal blogger section of our site.

It’s a brand.

With a website, a logo, business cards, parties, workshops, press releases, articles, a registered trade name and countless hours of — for the most part — good will and community engagement, it’s a brand.

It’s a service.

Neither a business, nor a nonprofit organization;  a membership service, or a co-op, it’s a service to the community. Run by Jessie Newburn (community engagement and curation) and Robin Abello (tech), it’s something both believe in and offer to the community.