Mobbies, Parties, Rebel Mouse, #ColumbiaMD and more

Here are some updates from the Howard County blog scene.

Mobbies – Nov 4-14

The Mobbies (MOB-Maryland Outstanding Blogs) nominations are in, and now votes are being cast. About twenty Howard County blogs and social sites are up for awards and they need your vote(s) to win. You can vote once a day between November 4-14th. Here’s a list of HoCo blogs and here’s the Mobbies website.

Celebrating Howard County’s Past and Future with Tom Coale – Nov 5

Tom Coale of HoCo Rising is running for Delegate of District 9A, and there’s a lovely party and opportunity to show your support Tuesday, Nov 5th. Deets here.

Blog Party – Nov 6

Bill Woodcock of The 53 is hosting a blog party on Nov. 6th at Second Chance Saloon. More deets here. And big thanks to Bill for carrying the blog party torch; I haven’t the will/desire to host the parties of late.

Fundraiser, the Dennis Lane Memorial Fund – Nov 6

One of Dennis’s sisters has an art opening in Baltimore on November, 6th and she’s raffling tickets for a painting of Dennis that she gave him on his 50th birthday. If you’re not able to attend, but would like to support the fund, consider a donation. Deets about the party, raffle and memorial fund are here.

Mobbies party … and Dennis – Nov 19

You may have noticed that Dennis’s blog, Tales of Two Cities, was not listed on the Mobbies nominations form. I don’t know the details of what they’re doing, but my understanding is that there will be some sort of honor and recognition for his life, his blog and his contribution to the community at the Nov 19th awards party. It might be nice to have a showing of Howard County bloggers at this event, for the awards and party, and for honoring Dennis.


Aggregating, curating, tagging … it’s all a part of the new stream. Multiple channels for multiple audiences. Getting more niche and yet more connected all the time. I’m a fan of RebelMouse and discovered it through the HoCo Times Sports editor. Here’s the site I made for HoCoBlogs in less than 10 minutes, and it’s free.

What’s happening in #ColumbiaMD?

There’ve been a number of great posts about Columbia recently, and even better, great conversations. Check out —

The Effects of Development and Demographics on Columbia, MD – Columbia Compass

Development, Demographics, and Community Fundamentals of Columbia, MD 1980-2010 – Columbia Compass

Two Days Til Blog Party! And where are the Columbians? – The 53

Emperor Columbia Has No Clothes/ Blog Party T-Minus 5 Days – The 53

Columbia In Search of a Leader – HoCo Rising and

Relationships: Verona Apartments, My View – Village Green / Town Squared

CA closes down social media sites

Columbia Compass reported that CA has shut down the majority of its social media sites for niche audiences, but Twitter tells us they have a new Instagram account!

Welcome, New Bloggers

It’s free to be listed and if you know any individuals, businesses or organizations in Howard County who/that have a blog, we’d love to have them listed on hocoblogs. Sometimes new bloggers trickle in; other times they flood. Please welcome the newest batch of bloggers to the HoCoBlogs community.

Brain Juice  @adgcreative
39 Minute Workout @39MinuteWorkout
Diary of A Self Proclaimed Fatty
Coshi Productions  @Coshipro
Bikram Yoga Columbia  @beyourcure
The Rotary Club of Columbia/Patuxent  @darreneaston
Mobile Intelligence @airpatrolcorp
JK Squared  @jgoldscher

The Ratchet Athlete Files
Run a Game @RunAGame
The Inn Story  @peralynna_inn
Debbi Mack’s blog  @debbimack
Faye McCray  @fayewrites
Tales of Fruit and Cake  @FruitAndCake
Small Business HR Blog @JVPsaid
Learn To RV  @sabrerver
Howard County Divorce Blog  @siegellaw
Warren Jason Street  @wjasonstreet
The Lazy Laurelite
Clarity Acupuncture Wellness Blog 
Get a Blog  @tennischickie
Small Towns, Tiny Towns  @woodmike
HocoYoga: Guru of Suburbia

That’s it for now! Rock on!



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