Hoco Blog News – Oct 2013

Blogging Intensive 
Thanks to all of you who attended the sold-out Blogging and Social Media intensive with David Hobby of Strobist last week. From local individual bloggers, to reps from the HoCo school system and fire department, to hipster marketing agency staff (“suit bloggers, per David), many in the community have even more knowledge with which to blog well and wisely. Here are some post-workshop write-ups from Annie RieDeena’s Days and ADG Creative. Btw, if you know of great space where a group of social-media-minded community members could meet, talk, learn, play, let me know! Workshops are great … and so is ongoing conversation and exploration.

Blog Party
Bill Woodcock of The 53 is hosting a blog party on Nov. 6th at Second Chance Saloon. You can find out more about the event here.

Head in the Clouds – Art Opening in honor of Dennis Lane
One of Dennis Lane’s sisters, J. Kelly Lane, is having an art show and opening reception in memory of her brother, on Nov 6th. Held at Captain Larry’s Bar & Grill in Baltimore; you can find more information here.

"Gray Dogs," a painting by Dennis's sister to be raffled as a fundraiser for the Dennis Lane Memorial Fund. Tickets, $5 each.

“Gray Dogs,” a painting by Dennis’s sister to be raffled as a fundraiser for the Dennis Lane Memorial Fund. Tickets, $5 each.

Raffle for the Dennis Lane Memorial Fund

The painting “Gray Dogs,” a gift to Dennis on his 50th birthday from J. Kelly, will be raffled off at the Head in the Clouds art opening. Raffle tickets are only $5/each and all proceeds will go to the Dennis Lane Memorial Fund, which is held by the Community Foundation of Howard County (formerly the Columbia Foundation). This fund will continue his legacy. Raffle tickets can be purchased in advance. Please make checks payable to: Community Foundation of Howard County with Dennis Lane Memorial Fund in the memo line. To assure you are included in the raffle, and buying in advance, please mail by 10/31/13 to: Dennis Lane MF, 1701 Covington St., Baltimore, MD 21230

Updated hashtags list
Do you tweet? If so, when tweeting about local issues, restaurant reviews, Instagram photos and so on, help yourself to a buffet of tasty #HoCoHashtags. Did we miss any? Let us know!

400 or 4,000 bloggers? What do you think?
We have nearly 400 bloggers in Howard County whose blogs are listed on HoCoBlogs.com. If I had to guess, there are probably 4,000 bloggers in the county — individual bloggers, passion bloggers, corp/biz bloggers and those blogging for an organization, a PTA group or a swim team. If you know them, I’d love your help and support to get them listed on hocoblogs. It’s free to be listed and takes but a few minutes to get set up.

Love to you all!


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