You could get concert tickets for creating a Foursquare list

Dylan, Keith Urban, Barenaked Ladies? These are some of the tickets we’ve got coming our way this summer thanks to the promotion team for Merriweather Post Pavilion. They’re lawn tickets, two each, and we’d like to give them away. Well, to trade them for a service, that is. Here’s how to get your name in the pot for the tickets: Make a Foursquare list of something specific to Howard County, Md., or an area in HoCo. Here are some examples–

What kind of list might you make?

  • The top 10 Korean wings places in Howard County
  • Parks and paths of Howard County (You did read the “Loved to death” article about Centennial Lake, right? There are alternatives.)
  • Restaurants with great vegan offerings
  • Dog-friendly restaurants
  • Party and event venues in Howard County (great marketing opp for a photographer, caterer or event planner, perhaps)
  • and so on

For the free ticket opp, what we’re looking for is this —

  • A Foursquare list using a local place in the title, e.g. Howard County, Columbia, Ellicott City,
  • A list description reiterating the local focus of the list,
  • At least seven items in the list,
  • A photo for each location (you can pull from other Foursquare photos; you needn’t take or post your own), and
  • A tip for each  location (same with the photos; you can use others’ tips or add your own)

And that’s it. Foursquare is free to use and fairly intuitive.  Let us know what you’ve done by sending your Foursquare list link to and tell us what concert you’d like to attend. I’ll make a deadline of one week out from each concert to get your name into the pot for the ticket “lottery.” You may be the only one in line to ticket a ticket; there may be many per concert. I don’t yet know and I’ll need to play this by ear, so to speak.

Thanks … and happy Foursquaring!


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