Getting more connected to the local blogging community

If you’ve submitted your blog to and are now listed on our site, thank you! You’re a part of a vibrant, connected and growing community of bloggers in #HoCoMD. We’d like to let y ou know there are many ways to be involved in our community, to own your own role, to amplify your voice and to connect with local readers and bloggers. Here are some of them —

  1. Howard County blogs badge

    Attend — We host parties, workshops and events; and as a member of hocoblogs, you’ll get emails letting you know about these opportunities to connect with other bloggers and with local blog readers.

  2. Get informed — Visit and get to know some of Howard County’s bloggers.

  3. Promote Local Posts — Blogging about a local-to-Hoco event? A restaurant you ate at? A local issue of concern? We have a number of unique keywords to include in your posts that will help get your blog in front of more local readers.

  4. Show your blogger pride — Add a hocoblogs badge to your blog.

  5. Connect and be in the stream — Find us and local blogs and news through our Facebook and Twitter streams.

There’s a lot going on! And, our hope that you’ll find community, connection and a greater space and place to express yourself.


Jessie Newburn & Robin Abello



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