Welcome, new bloggers

We plowed through some backed up admin work this week and got a number of sites submitted to hocoblogs posted. Thanks to all for your patience, and please know the programming team (small as it is) will be working on automating the process a bit more. We still need a manual review of all the sites to confirm that they are legit and local, but we will be faster in getting sites up.

For this round of new blogs food, fitness and crafting seem hot on folks’ minds. Or, perhaps I should say drinking, fitness and crafting are the subjects I see popping out of this list. Please help the community of bloggers in Howard County be known and known to each other. People, organizations and companies in Howard County are welcome to submit their blogs to the site; it’s free … and we have parties. 😉

Blogs recently listed on hocoblogs.com

HoCo Hangover
North Laurel

The Business of Writing
Savage MD

HoCo Musings
Ellicott City MD

One Writer’s Mind
Columbia MD

The Stories in the Stones
Columbia MD

Balted Marley
Columbia MD

something else to distract me
Elkridge MD

Ellicott City MD

Chronicles of Crafting
Savage MD

Adventures in Anxietyland
Columbia MD

a 28 year old’s blog
Columbia MD

My next 20 years of living
Columbia MD

Tri, Jeff, Tri
Elkridge MD

Jeff’s Travel Log
Elkridge MD

Howard County Library Teacher Notes
Glenwood MD

Eat Your P’s and Q’s
Ellicott City MD


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