Welcome, new bloggers

Welcome, new bloggers.

September is back to school time, where learning is a number one priority, just like our bloggers are to the HoCoBlogs community!

Join the HoCo Blogging Community!

September means new learning, so let’s help educate our community on things that are important to you. Submit your blog today and teach us all about the things you know!

Let’s try to come together and make our HoCo a better place!

Follow (and use) #TellHoCo on Twitter. And if you see something that needs to be taken care of in our community, report it online by going to http://www.co.ho.md.us/TellHoCo.htm! Don’t forget to use the hashtag on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and more.

You can always find our list of local hashtags here.

save that date!

On Oct 1st from 5:30-7:30 p.m., the HoCoLibrary and Seasons 52 will be co-hosting the next HoCoBlogs party. Find out all about it here.

HoCoBlogs’ #HoCoCivil Party at Seasons 52

Join us! As Howard County’s Library System gears up for its annual Choose Civility Week and symposium, they’re co-hosting the next HoCoBlogs party along with — and at — Seasons 52 in the new outdoor wing of the Mall in Columbia. 

RSVP here.

Come by! As always, there will be interesting people and great conversations; and Seasons 52 is being quite generous by offering beer and wine on the earlier side of the party, a variety of flatbreads (yum!) and chicken skewers. Mak sure you save room for the minis, the scrumptious little desserts they serve. Weather permitting, we’ll be outside in their adorable and spacious patio; weather notpermitting, we’ll be inside at one of their lush and cozy private rooms. 

And tune in to the Choose Civility annual symposium. This year’s theme is “The Ball’s in Your Court: Can Civility and Sports Coexist?” The symposium is October 9th, 6:30-8:30 pm, held at the HCLS Miller Branch and free, of course. More info and register at http://bit.ly/ChooseCvility14.

See you all real soon!



Be social

You know what to do: Tweet, like these groups/orgs/businesses on Facebook, follow them on Instagram … share your social capital!  #HoCoCivil, #HoCoEvents 

HoCoLibrary & Choose Civility – FB, Twitter, Instagram
Choose Civility – FB, Twitter
Seasons 52 – FB, Twitter and Instagram
Hocoblogs – FB, Twitter, Instagram

Social capital for local businesses

Thank you, one and all, for your generosity of time, spirit, intelligence and can-do-ness in appreciating the venue of last night’s HoCoBlogs party (Nottingham’s) and the many interesting conversations you had. Nottingham’s was a generous host, providing free food (for vegetarians and omnivores alike) and a drink ticket for each attendee. They also put us in their private room, which made for easier conversations and less shouting in order to be heard. 

In turn, we, the community of bloggers and social media activists gave of our time and thoughtfulness with our social media capital in our local networks. From what I can see, these bloggers covered the party in one way, shape, form or another — 

Plus there was –
  • Two emails sent to our database of nearly 500 bloggers,
  • Multiple tweets (about a dozen over a few weeks) from @hocoblogs to our nearly 4000 local followers,
  • Shout-outs on our hocoblogs Facebook page with nearly 900 local “likes,”
  • Near-impossible to track Facebook mentions from many of the attendees,
  • An event page
  • A Facebook invite, plus
  • A slew of tweets  from yesterday/today (and others in the weeks leading up to the party which are harder to track). 

Thank you, everyone — each and all of you — for your help in making these parties easier, more valuable (for all) and more enjoyable to host and attend! 



PS — The parties are really fun and it would be an incredible gift to me and the community at large if someone would help manage the party invitation list. I need help gathering up all the emails and putting them into an email service such as MailChimp. #HoCoVolunteers

Local tweets as a form of social capital

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Parties, Podcasts and Potholes

Parties, Podcasts and Potholes …


First, the parties.

Come join us at Nottingham’s this Tuesday, 5:30-7:30 pm. There will be some great food to munch on, including some vegetarian treats. And each attendee will also receive one drink ticket good for a domestic draft beer, soda, house wine or one of two specialty drinks created by Nottie’s head bartender. RSVP here

Then save the date for October 1st and a HoCo Library / Choose Civility blogger (and blog reader) party. Deets to be announced, though it’s likely we’ll be at Season 52 in the new wing of the mall. 


The good people at Pat Hiban Real Estate Group, along with Elizabeth Brunetti, fellow blogger at The Bare Midriff and an employee at the company, have started HoCoLife Podcast, a weekly podcast about happenings in Howard County. Listen in, like them on Facebook and — just as importantly — provide them tips of happenings and events in the county. 



Howard County has started using See-Click-Fix to report, acknowledge and monitor a variety of  … Read this article here, visit the hoco SCF page here and download the #TellHoCo app here (scroll down).

HoCoBlogs Party at Nottingham’s – Sept 9th

Come join us at Nottingham’s, one of Columbia’s most well-known and oft-visited taverns. We’ll be gathering on Tuesday, September 9th, 5:30-7:30 pm for a party with Howard County’s bloggers and their readers. (You’ve got to fit into one or the other of those categories, right?)

RSVP Here.

Nottingham’s is very generously providing a food buffet and four specialty drinks offered. They’ll be providing a drink ticket, too. It’s very helpful to our hosts that we have accurate RSVPs so that they can properly prepare and staff up as needed. (Thank you!)

We’ll be in their private room and will have a lovely space to mingle, meet new people and deepen relationships with those you already know. Bring a friend or two and introduce them to the vibrant, intelligent and ever-curious community of local bloggers, readers and engaged community members.

Your dust-covered, Burning Man-lovin’ co-host,


Welcome, new bloggers

Welcome, new bloggers.

August is bursting with chrysanthemums, and our blogger list is bursting with new additions!

Join the HoCo Blogging Community!

Help us expand our blogging community by adding your local blog to our listings! And if you know a friend or neighbor or coworker, or your child’s school, or any local group that should be listed, go tell them right now about the HoCo Blogs community. Submit your blog today!

Soon, my friends, Whole Foods will open in Columbia at the former Rouse Company headquarters near the mall. To celebrate, let’s talk FOOD!

Follow (and use) #HoCoFood on Twitter. Don’t forget to use the hashtags on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and more.

You can always find our list of local hashtags here.

HoCoBlogs Party and Tour at Jailbreak Brewing Company

HoCoBlogs Party and Tour at Jailbreak Brewing CompanyJoin us for a summertime evening at Jailbreak Brewing Company. Mingle with Hoco bloggers and blog readers … and get a tour of Howard County’s newest brew pub. Come early for the happy hour (3-6 pm specials) not only of their craft beer but also of the Kloby’s food truck parked outside. And stay for a tour of their brewing operations. (The tour begins at 6 and will last about 45 minutes.)

See you there! Bring a friend or two.

#HoCoBeer #HoCoEvents #SummerofNeighbors

Jailbreak Brewing Company
9445 Washington Blvd N, Suite F Laurel, MD 20723
Wednesday, August 6 at 16:30 – 19:30

RSVP here.